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Monday, 30-Jul-2007 22:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Human Comm Group A Class party @ Souled Out (27 July 2007)

We went there
Self explanatory
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So half the class ffk'ed us. Morons! But who`d have thought spin the bottle /truth or dare would be so much fun? Antagonizing random people, doing stupid things but most importantly the laughter and astonishment at the bravery/stupidity of others is what matters most!

Anyway its been a great semester with everyone. If theres a class I look forward to going, its this class. With all the clowns in our class, I was left in stitches during just about every class, whether making jokes about Nabila , Zufar, Eric, Jon or Mr Murali or myself, or telling stories, it was all good.

My apologies for blur pictures or backgrounds. Everyone was moving about doing their own things and I was trying to preserve the lighting anyways.

It was a joy getting to know everyone! Best of luck for finals!

And btw if you want the 'hands in the pants' pics (but they are blurry) (Murali didn't want it up ), as well as the videos, then leave a comment and i'll work something out..unles you want it on YouTube..you don't do you? or do you ?

Sunday, 22-Jul-2007 12:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hmc Annual Ball 2006 (November 3rd 2006) @ Legend Hotel

Nazrin trying to Phantom of The Opera
Me, taking a break from rehearsals
A few hours before the main event
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It took me nearly 9 months to put this up. Now thats sad. Anyway since prom was so long ago, my spirit for it has dwindled into a fading memory thus the less than enthusiastic captions and descriptions (which will follow).

However I'll never forget that night and the emotions that soared throughout that day. Despite all the fatigue, stress and anxiety that we went through for the week before to put together the opening act, the thunderous applause received was unforgettable. The privilege to perform that night was certainly the best of all. I can't recall performing in front of 400 people for quite a few years.

To my fellow dancers, you all were great and no doubt better than me. Although at times we seemed to be so off track, tired and unsure of ourselves, you guys certainly more than inspired me to continue despite the havoc it was wrecking on me. From a play to a dance. Fantastic. And the funny bit is that the last thing I ever wanted to do is dance because I simply can't. Yet it ended up like this. It showed me that perhaps I can dance after all. While the choreography wasn't to hard to follow (I think I still can remember the steps), it sure marks a new step for me. Ive done things such as plays, voice overs, radio ads and so on but this'll mark the deflowering of my dance act virginity.

In other words, I'll never forget this.

So anyway, the Ball was at The Legend Hotel at The Mall on November the 3rd 2006. The theme was Moulin Rouge-ish. Yours truly performed that night. I was a dancer for the opening act. It was originally a play but we had under a month to do so it was scrapped (there went my audition for The Duke). Then 6 days before the prom we made a dance. All of us had aching feet for 2 weeks. Man was it stressful.

So yeah we were there early and yada yada, rehearsed, got our stuff stuffed somewhere. And the guys in the dance wore top hats.

There`s alot id like to say but this is just my photo blog so ill hush for now. I have a video file of the dance so ask and you will receive.

And sorry for lack of pics. Too busy running around during performance times as well as enjoying the night. I passed my camera to Jamil while I performed so explains why pics are far away and not clear

I still can't forget the sound of Hindi Sad Diamonds blasting away in the hall.

Sunday, 24-Jun-2007 22:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hmc Leadership Camp (June 8 2007) @ Trolak

Faizal (the maths lover) arranging his cards
Satish, Faizal, Raja, Me, Jon & Weng Khye playing cards
Us again
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Well what can I say about it? Fun and physical. We turned the seats at the back of the bus and played cards, namely bluff which was fun cause everyone is super conmen-ish. On the way back however everyone was tired and slept on the way back.

Anyway the Zufar was my roommate and our room was nearest to the cafeteria where they had the hilarious dangdut sining (Akademi Felda?) and we got treated to some awful music while using the bathroom (Tragedi Oktober which was tragically horrifying as well as what Zufar thought was a wild boar making noises..haha).

I ain't gonna forget all those crazy team cheers and going all over the forest and stuff. But the best part was the going around from room to room disturbing people til 4 or 5am.

Anyway enjoy. Sorry for the lack of photos..I was a bit unwell at times and didn't bring camera into forest as well. Anyway I hope you guys had as much fun as I did. Enjoy.

And do comment. Let out all your grouses man

Thursday, 19-Apr-2007 23:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Afandi`s 19th Birthday Party (April 18 2007)

Ahmad Frog ( Farouq)
The present we gave Afandi :P
Stoners Corperation!
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So like last year, there was a llittle gathering to celebrate his birthday. Anyway Me, Nadia, Eunice, Yii Ping, Alyshea and Poh Sim shared money and stuff and got Afandi a present which me and Nadia choose . We got him a stuffed pig, a black and a blue thong and the Backstreet Boy`s Never Gone album. We then wrapped the box in pink wrapping paper meant for little girls . It was fun choosing it all

Anyway Happy Birthday Man! Hope you enjoyed your special day

Monday, 26-Mar-2007 23:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zainul`s grandparents 55th Anniversary Dinner @ Shangri-La

Ice carving!
The Grand Ballroom
Our table was furthest from stage..but nearest food!
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The title is self explanatory. The pictures will show who was there. And once again the Idzmil leading the convo and potentially getting into a car crash theory was proven right . I though dont have any pictures of the ballroom or the food cause I was too busy eating.

Anyway I had a good time, good food, good company. No doubt the Grand Ballroom earned its name. A big thanks to Zainul for the invite! Cheers everyone.

And sorry if many pictures are blur. I tried to minimize flash usage to preserve the natural lighting. So some pics will have quite a bit of blur in it..sorry

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